Muthas Pride MLP 1980
Label: EMI #: 12 EMI 5074 Country: England
Info: Third and last in the Metal for Muthas series, this seems a rather odd follow-up almost as though these were outtakes from the first 2 LPs.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. WILDFIRE - Wild Dogs
  Good fast-paced NWOBHM, though the WHITE SPIRIT style keyboards are rather distracting. Not to be confused with other bands named WILDFIRE, this band released one single under the name RED ALERT.
2. QUARTZ - Back In The Band
  One of their better, heavier songs, though it sounds like an amalgamation of several 70s bands including FOCUS, TED NUGENT and DEEP PURPLE. Later released on The Quartz Anthology.

Side B:
1. WHITE SPIRIT - Red Skies
  One of my favorite WHITE SPIRIT songs with some great guitar work by Janick Gers. This time the keyboards enhance the feel of the song. Different to LP version but later released as CD bonus track.
2. BABY JANE - Baby Jane
  This boogie/NWOBHM track is the one stinker on here.
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