Musik För Miljön LP 1990
Label: Studiefrämjandet #: SFLP 1-90 Country: Sweden
Info: A compilation of small-time bands from the town on Linköping, released under the guise of an Environmental Awareness-project (the title translates "Music For The Environment") - a clever way to get city/state sponsorship for releases like this back in the days.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RA - Red Peace, Green Peace, Blue Peace
  Slick, squeeky-clean soft-rock.
2. M: FREJ - Dom Kan Inte Ta Något Mer
  More slick pop/rock.
3. DEAD DOGS - It's A Sinking Ship, Baby
  Slow, hardish rock with keys & female vocals.
4. SILVER WINGS - Green Motion (rap-edit)
  Sounds like a novelty rap-version of some third-rate aor filler..
5. SVENSSONS SLAVAR - Kondylomsyndrom
  Great, fast'n'quirky HC Punk heavily influenced by Swedish HC legends RAPED TEENAGERS :)
6. TOTAL DEATH - Has Time Come...
  Total Kreator, plain and simple. Parts of the line-up later became melo-DM band SEANCE.

Side B:
1. ZOÉ - Höst
  Music-school funky popster filth.
2. SOLID GROUND - Change
  Rock semi-ballad. No relation to the 70's Swedish hardrockers of course.
3. TITANIC - De Sista Timmarna
4. ENTERPRIZE - Vårat Ansvar
  Poppy rock.
5. DESIRE - Acid Rain
  Solid Melodic Swedish Metal of the mighty fine 85-86 brand! Keyboards, slick vocals, fluffy production and all but still good'n'heavy and not the least bit aor'y = rare for the year in queston.
6. LENNY'S GOSSKÖR - Dahls Tal
  Funky pop.
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