Music And Friendship LP 1990
Label: Unga Örnars Records #: LP 001 Country: Sweden
Info: An eclectic yet very corny local release from Varberga, Örebro, Sweden, sponsored by the youth organisation Unga Örnar. "I believe the children are the future.." quotes the Pied Piper/producer on the back sleeve...

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. P. Rosengren - Pimpinella
  Acoustic classical. A 2nd title called "Consolida" is listed on the back sleeve but not included on the album.
2. LA MAFFIA - Darkness
  Melodic hard rock by an all-girl act seemingly in their early teens.
3. MORPHEUS - Pay For Love
  It starts off with this almost Skid Row-like Sleaze Metal lead riff but gets slightly heavier by the chorus. No relation to the Stockholm Death Metal band active around the same time.
4. Pappa Leslie - Love Means Peace
  Slow, instrumental blues from the producer.
5. MORPHEUS - King Of The Road
  The heavier of their 2 numbers is pretty nice Power/Heavy/Speed sounding like a less thrashy mix of Znöwhite and Megadeth.
6. LA MAFFIA - He Came...

Side B:
1. FOR SALE - Brigtest [sic] Smile In Town
  Bluesy rock ballad.
2. M. Stuberg/Pappa Leslie - Another Star
  Jazzy pop w/ fem vox.
3. BIG SMILE - Imagine
  Another nail in Lennon's coffin...
4. SALAMI KORV - Jimmie Dean (live)
  Middle-school kids performing a cover of a Swedish 80's disco song.
5. M. Stuberg/K. Folcke - In My Life
  More The Beatles-mayhem...
6. FOR SALE - I Wish
  Funky/bluesy pop.
7. Pappa Leslie och hela Unga Örnars Rockmusikskola - The Greatest Love Of All
  Horrendously cheesy version of this oldie.
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