A Mountain Of Metal CD 1991
Label: Mountain Records #: MCDLP-003 Country: USA
Info: Seventeen bands of various metal genres, with all but one hailing from the New York/New Jersey area. The booklet gives some background on Mountain Records inside. In 1989, they released a cassette compilation called "A Mountain Of Music" with apparently zero metal content.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. MAY DAY - Heaven Help Us
  Strong piece of anthemic hair metal.
2. WITCHIN - Sinners' Reprieve
  Intriguing MARTYR meets later VOIVOD style with an awesome chorus, but unfortunately a bit too sloppy.
3. LESTER HAZE - Time To Laugh
  The song starts off with a beat from "Immigrant Song" but the similarities end there, the rest being more like an amateur FATES WARNING.
4. BAD INTENT - Drive Fast, Speed Kills
  Heavy guitars and quite fast, though the vocals hint at something lighter. Good and catchy either way.
5. JARRA - Tears Get In My Eyes
  Female fronted glam like POISON DOLLYS.
6. MIDNIGHT REIGN - Richard Cory Cries
  Could have been a reject from Metal Massacre 7, falling somewhere between FLOTSAM & JETSAM and JUGGERNAUT in style (albeit not in quality).
7. TECHNAKILL - Intimidator
  Great screamer on this ARTILLERY style thrash metal song.
8. VOYER - Feel No Pain
  Repetitive BLACK SABBATH influenced thrash metal. New Jersey group now known as THE MOTHERLODE BAND.
9. VANEXA - Hanged Man
  Quite an odd inclusion, not just because they are Italian, but also because the song comes from their Back From The Ruins album which was already 3 years old. Has a notably inferior sound quality too.
10. GRIM LEGION - Necromajesty
11. TANTRUM - Sara
  Classic US metal, on par with their Trenton City Murders EP.
12. ROAR - Tequila
  Lame Van Hagar wannabes.
13. BEYOND REASON - Prophets' Dilemma
  Solid power/thrash with a singer who sounds like Bobby Lucas. Rereleased in 2015 on the A New Reflection compilation CD.
14. ASTOROTH - Forced Opinions
  Heavy yet awkward thrash riffs combined with more melodic parts and high pitched vocals make this a case of missed potential. Band later became TANELORN.
15. SACRED DEATH - Incineration
  New Jersey band who also appeared on the Satans Revenge Part II compilation 3 years earlier. At first it sounds like a throwback to early SODOM or KREATOR, but by the end it sounds more like DEICIDE's debut.
16. SLANG GIRL - I Don't Want Your Love
  Alternative hard rock, almost like a cross between FUGAZI and VAIN.
  Acoustic glam ballad.
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