Motala Vindar LP 1982
Label: Pang Records #: PLP 009 Country: Sweden
Info: Anti-drugs benefit album compiled by the music organisation Rivoli from the town of Motala, Sweden. The title translates as "Motala Winds" but is also word game referring to the tv series and popular theme song "Against The Wind" (?)
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(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HINDORF - Streetfighters
  HR/FWOSHM delivering a steady boogie beat and some solid twin guitar leads but with dull vocals.
2. HINDORF - For Me
  Riff-driven Heavy Metal, very reminicent of early AxeWitch. Neither the best nor worst of these Pang-comp garage acts..
3. SPECTRUM - Gamar
4. SPECTRUM - Slavery
  Powerpop/soft (hard?) rock.
5. EFFECT - Effekt
  Weak powerpop/HR borderline affair.
6. EFFECT - Nobben
  Same same..
7. DR. ARNE - Köp Bananer
8. DR. ARNE - En Sommar Igen

Side B:
1. PUKA - Moderna Tider
  Semi-hard rock.
2. PUKA - Kan Du Bestämma
3. KUDDKRIG - Det Ska Bevaras, Ska Försvaras
4. KUDDKRIG - Alla Våra Hjärtan Står I Brand
5. EKG - Fel Eller Rätt
6. EKG - Människor Som Brinner
7. THE ODDS - Tid Att Älska, Dags Att Dö
8. THE ODDS - Pojkarna Från Köpenhamn
  Pop/new wave.
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