Moose Molten Metal Volume 2 LP 1986
Label: Capitol #: SQ6540 Country: Canada
Info: Second and last installment in this series featuring Canadian bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HARLOT'S WEBB - Black Is The Nite
  Excellent US metal style similar to LEATHERWOLF or FIFTH ANGEL.
2. RISE - Lonely, Lonely
  Unremarkable low quality hair metal.
3. HARLOTT - There For The Taking
  Starts out with a promising metal intro but soon changes to a simple hard rock beat, the result being something akin to DOKKEN. Not bad at all really and the chorus has a nice melody.
4. READY TO RIP - Conquer Or Be Conquered
  Well done but unoriginal metal sort of like one of ARMORED SAINT's more forgettable tracks. Produced by Rick Santers.
5. NYTRIX - Don't Believe In Tommorrow
  I think the singer was trying to sound like David Wayne a la "Gods of Wrath", but I swear he's a dead ringer for Tom Keifer from CINDERELLA. The music on the other hand is actually quite doomy, fitting to the song title, and the guitar solo sounds a bit like something SCORPIONS might have done in the 70s. It might sound confusing, but overall this is one of the best songs on the LP.

Side B:
1. VIGILANTS - Coming Back On You
  Totally unremarkable hard rock like a slightly heavier GREAT WHITE.
2. SENTINEL - Rock Free
  Let's see, it's 2 years after the release of Defenders Of The Faith, the band's name is Sentinel and the song is "Rock Free". Who do you think they sound like? Actually, they're a bit sleazier than your typical JUDAS PRIEST clone.
3. SYE - You've Got The Power
  Sort of a Canadian MOTORHEAD with occasional high pitched vocals thrown in.
4. HATEFUL SNAKE - Dark Of Night
  I'm sure if they wrote this song earlier than 1986 Brian Slagel would've snagged them for his label. It has that early Metal Blade sound all over it.
5. OUTRAGE - Until You Bleed In
  Thrash metal heavily inspired by TANK, and pretty good for what it is. They also appeared on Speed Metal Hell II.
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