Moose Molten Metal LP 1985
Label: Heavy Metal America #: HM USA 55 Country: Canada
Info: A compilation of Canadian Metal released by a North American subsiduary to an English label. Far from the best introduction to the old Canadian Metal scene.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DAGGER - Give 'em What They Want
  "L.A. Metal" with a Twisted Sister-chorus, the latter making it more than listenable.
2. D.D.T. - Let The Screw
  Great, anthemic chorus adding some flavour to an otherwise mid-league American Metal/HR standard.
3. SADWINDER - Feed The Fire
  Melodic "US Metal" w/ keys and Tate-like vocals.
4. FIST - Killer
  Don't know if this is different from the "Dangerzone" LP version or not. Dark, moodfilled HR/HM. Simple but effective.
5. WITCHKILLER - Who Are We?
  Sing-a-long anthem that must have gone down like a storm live. Later ripped off by Warlock ("All We Are" anyone?)

Side B:
1. STORMBRINGER - Got To Be Cruel
  Melodic Hard Rock/Metal of your typical American class but with little identity.
2. GALLEON - Wasting Time
  Pretty lightweight and mellow HM. Some decent leads but that's it.
3. HEAVEKNOX - Look In The Sky
  Some great melodies here, deserving a heavier production. 80's Sabbath meets melodic US Metal?
4. TZAR - Born To Rock
  Rocking Hardrock-rockers rocking.
5. CREEPY FAMILY - Midnight Warrior
  True Horror Metal obscurities alert! Halloween meets Ripper meets The Blood meets a big ugly grin of mine :D
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