Monsters Of Rock USSR DLP 1992
Label: Alien Records #: BIZ 001/BIZ 002 Country: USSR
Info: Lots of wimpy hard rock borderline-cases here, but the theme seem to be Metal/Hard Rock so I guess it will have to fall under the Metal-banner. Comes in a gatefold sleeve.
Released on CD by Mausoleum Records in 1993 - sort of. Several songs were removed/added/changed from the LP version so they're basically two different compilations. The tracks only featured on this vinyl and not the CD are marked with an '*' here.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KRUIZ - Culture Shock
  Fast, quite upbeat Metal in the style of their s/t sophomore album. Later appeared on the "Culture Shock A.L.S." CD in 2008.
2. KRUIZ - Killer Logic
  Sounds like a Metal take on "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet. Later appeared on the "Culture Shock A.L.S." CD in 2008.
3. BLACK OBELISK - The Wall*
  Chugging Testament-Thrash recorded inside a tin shed by rogue Soviet robots. I love it.
4. BLACK OBELISK - Ave, Caesar!*
  Dark, gloomy Thrash sounding so much more Evil than their mellow LP debut it's just ridiculous. Russian Metal at its finest.

Side B:
1. BLACK COFFEE - What's The Answer?*
  Taken from their boring sleazerock album "Golden Lady", where they turned into G'n'R-wannabes.
2. BLACK COFFEE - Shaking Baby*
  See above. Christ those vocals sound so contrieved..
3. ROUND - Goodbye To Jane*
  Mainstream hard rock. Still better than Black Coffee for sure.
4. ROUND - Bad Boy*
  Same same but worse.
5. V. BILOSHITSKY - Moscow, New York, Moscow*
  E.S.T./BLACK OBELISK member doing quite a funny blues/rock tune. This song also appeared on an E.S.T. live album in a heavier version.

Side C:
1. GAIN - Crazy Russian Life
  Solo project of KRUIZ-member Valeriy Gaina. Hard Rock with softer parts but also with a great, sturdy lead riff so it ain't half bad.
2. GAIN - Pilgrim*
  Laid-back rocker. This song has also been recorded by KRUIZ.
3. ACTION - I Need You
  Unremarkable mix of mainstream hard rock and aor.
4. ACTION - Never Know
  Very Van Halen-influenced HR.

Side D:
1. E.S.T. - Katyusha
  Folk-Metal/Metal-folk ballad. Nice, but they're no Oblachnyj Kraj that's for sure.
2. E.S.T. - 10 Holy Jolly Years*
  A slightly heavier but still folksy semi-ballad.
3. MASTER - Talk Of The Devil
  The title track off their weakest album is fast & brutal Thrash, but not of the memorable kind.
4. HELLION - The Atonement*
  I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation as to how Ann & co. ended up on this album to be read on the back sleeve notes but my russian sucks, sorry.

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