Monsters of Rock LP 1980
Label: Polydor #: 2488 810 Country: England
Info: Recorded live at the Monsters Of Rock festival at Castle Donnington on August 16, 1980. The other band that played that day, JUDAS PRIEST, is conspicuously absent from the album. A number of different pressings exist, including versions from the UK, US, Japan, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, Spain and Mexico. The US version had a title variation: "Castle Donnington - Monsters of Rock" and came in a different sleeve (front/back).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. RAINBOW - Stargazer
  Graham Bonnet does a great interpretation of the Dio-era classic.
2. SCORPIONS - Loving You Sunday Morning
  Faithful to the album version, but like the next track suffers from a less than stellar vocal performance.
3. SCORPIONS - Another Piece Of Meat
  "This song's called Ano-no-no-no-no-no-nother Piece Of Meat!"
4. SAXON - Backs To The Wall
  One of the few live staples from their debut, this version was included on the 2009 CD reissue along with 2 others from the same concert.

Side B:
1. RAINBOW - All Night Long
  Good, but a bit overexteded with the standard audience call-and-response routine.
2. APRIL WINE - I Like To Rock
  Unremarkable hard rock.
3. TOUCH - Don't Ya Know What Love Is
  Exclusive live version of their semi-hit song. AOR leaning towards hard rock like TRIUMPH or ALDO NOVA.
4. RIOT - Road Racin'
  RIOT's classic speedy rocker sounds quite good live until they start talking and jamming to stretch it out to over 7 minutes.
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