Molten Metal Monsters Volume One CD 1993
Label: Siegen Records #: SR-MMD1 Country: USA
Info: A diverse selection of demo and rare US metal tracks dating from 1988 to 1993 that was compiled by Keith Menser of MYSTIC-FORCE. Most of the bands are from the northeast but there are a few southern and midwest bands as well. Band info is included inside the booklet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. MYSTIC-FORCE - Eternal Quest
  I've heard this band classified as everything from progressive power metal to tech thrash so let's just call it tech power. Whatever you call it this is a great track from Shipwrecked With The Wicked. Same as the version that appears on the 1991 Weird Thoughts compilation but different to the Eternal Quest version.
2. COLDSTEEL - Truth Or Dare
  TESTAMENT style thrash metal with a New York flavor, from their 1992 Freakboy album.
3. FORTÉ - Digitator
  Power/thrash featuring the impressive vocals of James Randel from OLIVER MAGNUM, this track comes from their 1992 Stranger Than Fiction CD.
4. GHOST STORY - The Enemy Within
  Thrash metal from Atlanta, GA that sounds like SACRED REICH.
5. MACHINERY - Bite The Hand
  Heavy power metal in the vein of fellow Connecticut band LIEGE LORD.
6. DISSENTER - On The Wings Of A Demon
  Doesn't have quite the same grab as their Metal Massacre 9 contribution "Blood Under Heaven" but a solid thrasher nonetheless.
7. FINAL STRIKE - Destructive Habitat
  Derivative thrash, from the Chuck Billy vocals to the Kirk Hammett guitar solos. Somehow it rises above that and kind of works.
8. BRICK MISTRESS - Nine Lives
  Traditional metal with some nice twin guitarwork, this song originally appeared on the 1990 Get To The Point! compilation CD. Reminds me of ZAXAS.
9. VIGILANTE - Changeless Season
  Good old Texas speed metal featuring James Rivera and 3 other HELSTAR members. I love how it gets all doomy and atmospheric about halfway through. From their 1991 demo which was reissued 10 years later on a compilation titled The James Rivera Legacy.
10. KRONIN - Peace Bomb
  Progressive thrash metal from New York. Demo version, different to the one on the album How Do You Start This Thing? from the same year.
11. ENFORCE - I'll Walk Alone
  Sometimes referred to as EN FORCE, like the QUEENSRYCHE song, the band was formed by singer Lonnie Fletcher and guitarist Nick Ellingson, former members of another Baltimore band, HAVE MERCY. This is a nice piece of melodic progressive metal that reappeared on the 2014 compilation The Final Sign.
12. BLESSED DEATH - Black Snow Sky
  Raw, aggressive thrash with the obligatory mosh part. This is a slightly shorter version than appeared on the Hour Of Pain album. Mislabeled "Black Snow Shy" on CD.
13. INNER STRENGTH - Genetic Excellence
  Technical speed/thrash with high pitched vocals, similar to HADES.
14. SILENCE - Echoes Of Damnation
  Polished yet aggressive fast-paced thrash metal. Taken from their 1990 album, Vision.
15. OBLIVION KNIGHT - Millenium
  Progressive yet thrashy power metal with high pitched vocals, similar to MYSTIC FORCE or even SANCTUARY at times. This and the rest of their 1990 demo were reissued in 2009 on the Oblivion Knight compilation.
16. TREASON - Reflections Of Insanity
  QUEENSRYCHE influenced prog/power ballad featuring the Menser brothers from MYSTIC-FORCE.
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