"World, Wonderful People..." Rock Festival - Michourin '89 LP 1990
Label: Balkanton #: BTA 12537 Country: Bulgaria
Info: Recorded live at the 2nd Michourin festival in 1989. The 2nd and last vinyl in this mini-series.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CONTROL - There Is
  Wacky Balkan-folksy Metal/crossover sounding decievingly close to ER MALAK but is actually just a rip-off of Hungarian cult-artists Nagy Fero & BIKINI's punk/speed metal anthem "Come Off It!!" from their '83 debut LP, so now you know.
2. KONKURENT - Waiting For Better Days
  A neat, semi-epic Heavy Metal composition that's a bit more intricate than their contributions on their split-LP with ERA. Unfortunately the performance is kinda drunken/sloppy.
3. ERA - Tounge Twister
  Formally an ER MALAK-song (featured on the debut LP) but recorded before the band split into ERA/ER MALAK. Raging, highly original Balkan-Speed/Metal luwliness.
4. AHAT - The Tree
  Great live version of this pounding, epic & melodic Metal gem from their classic "The March" LP.

Side B:
1. ATLAS - Lazy Boy
  Alternative ska-pop.
2. ATLAS - Early Morning
3. NEW GENERATION - Black Tango
  New wave.
4. NEW GENERATION - Confession
  New wave.
5. REVIEW/MILENA - Waterfall Manager
  Psych-laden alternative rock.
6. REVIEW/MILENA - The Motley Shade
  Quirky alternative rock.
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