Metal Warriör MLP 1987
Label: Metalother Records #: OTH 9 Country: England
Info: International comp from this eclectic Oxford-label.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. DEUCE - Power Of The Realm
  Not the "Jealousy" 7" band but the "Radar Love" 7"ones, also featured on the "Southern Comfort" compilations series volumes 1, 2 and 4. They later became St. Hellier, releasing an LP under this name on the same label. Sounds scarily sleazy on a few notes, but in vibe they still have the good ol' NWOBHM in them.
2. CRISIS - Keep Fighting
  The US Crisis who did the excellent "Armed To The Teeth" MLP and it's the same fine brand of lo-fi yet energetic, Hard Rock-teethkickin' here as well.
3. FIRST OFFENCE - Into The Night
  Nothing revolutionary, but good enough, moodfilled Heavy/HR for me to kick myself for not having checked out their LP earlier. Different from LP version btw.

Side B:
1. TROJAN - Back To Me
  The Irish Trojan who later did "The March Is On" LP. Same as the "Bombs Away" 7" version, but it's still a classy piece of post-NWOBHM with a dark vibe to it.
2. NOT FRAGILE - Cheltenham
  Epic/anthemic Germano-Metal and thus less Speedy than their later LP on the same label. A bit sloppy but still good shit!
3. EZY MEAT - Massacre
  HR/Heavy with a strong Thin Lizzy-influence. Sounds like the same version as on the "Rock Your Brains" LP.
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