The Metaluna Syndrome LP 1987
Label: MCE Records #: MCE8702 Country: USA
Info: The metal companion to the Hudson Rock series of compilations featuring upstate New York bands.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TRIFFID - Walk On The Wire
  VAN HALEN style hard rock.
2. BLACKSMITH - Black Attack
  Decent rough US metal with female vocals. Rerecorded with male vocals on Fire From Within.
3. WHITE HOT - True Love Machine
  Enjoyable melodic metal with great vocals that are a cross between Klaus Meine and Lenny Wolf.
4. CHINA WHITE - Makin' Metal
  With an irritating riff that never stops, this is worse than their 7".
5. MYZTIK HAYZ - Crazy Driver
  Great US metal like DEEP PURPLE meets SAVAGE GRACE.

Side B:
1. ALLIANCE - Days Of Our Lives
  Odd mix of progressive rock and AOR.
2. PAT HUSSEY & MACE - Letting Go
  Homegrown melodic metal with a bit of potential.
3. GRANT SHARP - The Darkest Places
  Not sure if they were trying for dark, haunting metal or something more radio friendly, but either way it sounds like something got messed up in the production.
4. LA GRANGE - Bedroom
  Dreadfully dull hard rock.
5. PROMISE - Holiday
  Interesting hard rock with a reggae beat.
6. MARCUS - The Illness
  Sloppy and dated sleaze in the style of early RATT and MOTLEY CRUE.
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