Metal Thunder LP 1990
Label: Rumble Records #: WODKA 1002 Country: Belgium
Info: Looks a whole lot like your basic major-label cash-in sampler, doesn't it? Instead we get 9 fairly-to-quite obscure bands from various parts of the world, dished out by a Belgian micro-label. No year of release is mentioned on the album, but 1990 is my best guess judging by the label history and sampled releases (it's either that or 1989)..

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ARCH RIVAL - All Wrapped Up In A Mystery
  Your basic mellow commercial US stock. Not wimpy enough to be not-metal but no more exciting than let's say Dokken. Same band who did the "God Bless America" 7" in '86 and the "In The Face Of Danger" CD in '91 (licenced by Killerwatt in '93)
2. APOCALYPSE - Digital Life
  Straigh-ahead bay-area style Thrash a la Forbidden. Good stuff but no fave track from their great s/t album from '87 (licensed by Under One Flag in '89).
3. SLEAZY ROZE - Don't Feed The Animals
  The big surprise of the album, since only a 30 sec edit of this song was featured on the band's otherwise typical Swedish hair-rock "Only One" 7" from '88. Here they sound like an americanized Judas Priest - in a good way!
4. WOLF SPIDER - Sex Shop
  Dull, 2nd rate fast Thrash with annoying vocals, as most of their post-Wilczy Pająk material.
5. RESCUE - Queen Of The World
  The Belgian post-PALASS act, here with the rerecording of the Palass EP title track taken from their 1989 s/t LP on the same label. Definitely an improvement in the vocals-dept to this powerful Euro-metal piece.

Side B:
1. FN GUNS - She Goes On
  One of the weakest old Mausoleum acts continue to bore us w/ watered down, commercialized Acceptness.
2. GRAFITTI - Stay
  Awful UK pop-HR. Apparently some Mama's Boys and Waysted-connections. Figures..
3. HAMMER - He Has A Grenade
  When the Finnish label Poko International released an English version of their debut LP in 1990, the original opening track "Ona Ma Granat" was mysteriously left out. Here is where it turned up. Reminds me of early Testament, back when they were good.
4. DIRTY SIDE - Suicide
  Sounds like a heavier Aerosmith with a touch of garage rock.
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