Metalstorm LP 198?
Label: private #: MS1001 Country: USA
Info: Crazy obscure comp that's unfortunately not the Storm of Metal it claims to be....

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. NRG - Down To The Wire
  Ballsy Sleaze Metal with a touch of AC/DC.
2. WRATHCHILD - No Deposit No Return
  More upbeat, Party-Metal boosted w/ heavier moments and a speeded up The Sweet-hit-factor. Surprisingly great! (..and yes, it's the pre-WRATHCHILD AMERICA guys)
3. AKKUSED - New Generation
  Continuing in the same streetwise vein, but lacking in energy.
4. CRYER - Change The System
  Nasal Robert Plant backed up by boogie-rockin' "NWOBHM" gives us something very Diamond Head-like, no?
5. TOUCH - Smack Dab in The Middle
  *sigh* Sleazoid stuffs again, quite heavy & classy & all but this is getting tiresome...

Side B:
1. ALPHA - Number 1
  A sturdy "Heavy Metal Mania" lead + Demon-style melodic break in the middle and we're back in NWOBHM-limbo.
2. RUN 21 - Baby, It's Your Face
  Annoying David Lee Roth-style party rock.
3. VICE - Y.O.U.
  "Rage.."-era Queensrÿche harmonies plus Ratt riffing makes for a rather odd yet forgettable mixture. Dunno if this is any of the album-releasing VICEs or not. It's definitely not the pre-THE KILL good ones.
4. STREET LEGAL - We Rest Our Case
  Pounding, headbanger-Hard Rock that's very hard not to enjoy, despite the stock lead riff.
5. VIOLATOR - Metal Machine
  Ha ha ha! Absolutely brilliant Oompa-Loompa Metal with freaky vocals and oddball chorus. A mix tape fave for sure.
6. PENETRATOR - Why Should We?
  Another song that benefits from not being as slick as its contenders. Good, heavy Hard Rock with identity
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