Metal Shock LP 1987
Label: Tonpress #: SX-T 132 Country: Poland
Info: Recorded live at the Metalmania '87 festival. All featured non-exclusive versions can be found on a series of 3 live split-LPs released by Pronit the same year. Continued as a series the following 2 years under the name Metalmania '88 and Metalmania '89.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KAT - Noce Szatana
  Awesome, totally destructive version of this Dark Speed Metal-tribute to Tank!
2. OPEN FIRE - Metal Top 20
  The Polish answer to "Heavy Metal Is The Law"? Another of the Great Polish Classics. A Speed Metal hymn that reigns despite the corny lyrics.
3. HAMMER - Hieny Nocy
  The kind of exquisite technical Power-Thrash that always suffers the most from a rough live performance and mix.
4. DRAGON - Beliar
  Proto-Death Metal/technical & brutal Thrash that suffers from the same ailment as its predecessor. Luckily we can enjoy a studio version on their excellent debut LP - something that's unfortunately not the case with many of the other tracks featured here.

Side B:
1. TURBO - Bogini Chaosu
  One of my faves from the "Ostatni Wojownik" LP. Dark & menacing PowerSpeedThrash and an excellent version to boot. It's obvious from the tightness of the performance that these guys had been around for a while.
2. DESTROYER - Krzyż I Miecz
  More mid-pace Power/Heavy than the Destruction-worship we know from their albums, this song reminds me a lot of Agent Steel's "144000 Gone".
3. WILCZY PAJĄK - Nocny Strach
  Before they translated/changed their name to WOLF SPIDER and became ultra-generic Bay-Area-style Thrash, these guys started out as KAT's 'kid brothers' and of course we likes it. A heavy "Noce Szatana"-influence in this song.
4. STOS - Rycerze Szakala
  Decent female-fronted slow/mid/fast techno-thrash. Unlike the rest of the tracks here an obvious studio recording with added crowd noise loop.
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