Metal Race LP 1986
Label: Roadrunner #: RR 9712 Country: Holland
Info: Recorded live at a Belgian band competition with the same name. A pretty weak mix, and with some sloppy playing added it all sounds surprisingly unprofessional for a label like Roadrunner.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CYCLONE - Incest Love
  Thrash in the primitive style of US acts like Whiplash or Rigor Mortis
2. CYCLONE - Long To Hell
  A great, rumbling intro followed by more of that slighly crossover-sounding riff-o-rama-Thrashing.
3. IRON GREY - Key To Freedom
  Some great Maiden-like riffing that doesn't quite live up to their potential on this haphazard live performance.
4. IRON GREY - Werewolf's Attack
  Reminded me of "Kill The King" at first = good. Upbeat Power Metal/Hard Rock (?)

Side B:
1. EXPLORER - Hangin' On A Rope
  Typical Euro-Speed sounding like a poor man's Living Death.
2. EXPLORER - Hell Death
  Mighty fine, hard-edged Heavy/Speed which once again would have sounded even better if recorded in a studio. Gotta love that title too.
3. LIGHTNING FIRE - Atomic War
  Heavily M Fate-influenced Steel, trying to outheavy the original. They fail, but not miserably.
4. LIGHTNING FIRE - Anti Christ
  See above, now taking on the more technical aspects of The Mighty Danes. (Why this makes them sound like quirky crossover punk I just don't understand)
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