Metal Prisoners LP 1983
Label: Mausoleum Records #: SKULL 8312 Country: Belgium
Info: A few great NWOBHM singles, a few bad ones and everyone's favourite Belgians. Funny concept. Creds to Snakepit Magazine for pointing out the exclusiveness of the ACID tracks!

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CHINAWITE - Blood On The Streets
  Great fistpounding NWOBHM with big, big chords that would probably be a whole lot more cultified if their following LP hadn't turned out so bland.
2. SEDUCER - Call Your Name
  Nowhere as ferociously fast as on their great "Caught In The Act" LP but despite its plodding pace I really dig this catchy piece of working class suburbian metalrock.
3. ACID - Demon
  Put in the context of this compilation you really see how ACID belonged in the revered, groundbreaking elite of Premiere Speed Metal bands, rubbing shoulders with Metallica, Exciter and Venom. Kate's vocals are bit more restrained here than on the debut, otherwise the versions aren't that staggeringly different.
4. FACTORY - You Are The Music
  Trapeze cover. For the first few bars the change of pace felt quite interesting but to be honest this is rather dull hard(-bordering-on-classic) rock.
5. ACE LANE - Never The Same
  Foottappingly decent hard rock groove.

Side B:
1. CHINAWITE - Ready To Satisfy
  I guess it's within the borders of the NWOBHM spectra, but out on the very plain, feel-good hardrockin' end.
2. SEDUCER - Survivor
  Could be accused of the same weaknesses as the song above, but Seducer has just the right amount of grit to pull it off rather nicely.
3. ACID - Heaven's Devils
  One of my faves from the debut and it's interesting to hear a different take of this classic though my vote probably goes to the LP version, despite a bit more oompf in the double bass drum play.,
4. FACTORY - The History Of The Turkey
  Rough 70's HR with a punky chorus. This is how half the NWOBHM scene has been described but I'm not sure I'd tag this particular song Metal.
5. ACE LANE - Emotion
  The reason you don't see Ace Lane on many NWOBHM fave top-lists is of course that they mostly churned out this passable but ultimately unexciting dated HR stock. Both songs were nicked straight off their "See You In Heaven" LP.
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