Metal Over America LP 1984
Label: Mausoleum #: SKULL 8340 Country: Belgium
Info: Compilation of New York bands except for NUHAVEN (L.A.) and maybe TRACE. The low quality of the music presented here almost makes it seem like Mausoleum wanted to portray American metal in a bad light.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BLACK LACE - Born To Raise Hell
  Starts off sounding like The Dungeons Are Calling, but soon turns into the standard RIOT metal we expect from BLACK LACE.
2. ATTILA - Interceptor
  Totally inept speed metal, a bit like an inferior LAAZ ROCKIT.
3. NUHAVEN - Crazy Sally
  Don't know why but I have a soft spot for this band who also appeared on the 1983 KLOS Rock To Riches LP. Very amateur MOTLEY CRUE wannabes. Catchy song though.
4. TRACE - Don't Say You Will
  Sounds like glam but the production is so bad it makes it seem metal (which I guess is an improvement, but it's a bit like polishing a turd).
5. TAKASHI - Kill Or Be Killed
  Sort of a muffled, diluted early VIRGIN STEELE style rocker.

Side B:
1. 2-TIMER - 2-Timer
  Half-way decent MOTLEY CRUE style metal with a tin can production. Appears to be the same as the MLP version but without the fake live noise added in.
2. NUHAVEN - Take Cover
  Charming but generic L.A. metal.
3. TRACE - Feel Your Love Tonight
  My previous comments still hold true, though this time I can hear similarities to one of KEEL's more commercial numbers.
4. ATTILA - Urban Commandos
  Laughably generic thrash metal. Longer demo version.
5. TAKASHI - Live To Rock
  Too much KISS and not enough VIRGIN STEELE this time. This song also appeared on New York Metal-84.
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