Metal Outlet LP 1987
Label: Büms Records #: 45678 Country: Denmark
Info: Two tracks each from five Danish bands, none of whom would release anything else. Comes with inner lyric/photo sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. APOCALYPSE - Liv I Laden
  Instrumental track. Bassist Peter Thorslund would go on to record with ARTILLERY, and there are certainly some similarities with that band - top notch thrash metal that is intelligent but not technical.
2. MARION - Cruising
  Some significant thrash riffs, but it would seem that at least one member wanted to go in a more sleazy direction and as a result the whole thing is just a shambles.
3. METAL CROSS - Evil Eye
  A foreboding CANDLEMASS style intro, some cool DEEP SWITCH like vocals, Edgar Allen Poe inspired lyrics, and the rest is MERCYFUL FATE. All this adds up to one awesome song.
4. GAIN - Something In The Air
  Quite slow, but it doesn't have that ominous feeling that doom metal needs. Rather, it just plods along and goes nowhere.
5. ROYAL FLUSH - Heroes
  Great epic NWOBHM style song with vocals that sound both youthful and emotional. Torben Aalykke would later play guitar for hard rock band SAVAGE AFFAIR.

Side B:
1. GAIN - Strange World
  This song adds a folky element which puts it in a better perspective, but it is still more curious than listenable.
2. ROYAL FLUSH - This Must Be Love
  Clearly trying to show their more accessible (i.e. radio-friendly) side, though there are some nice galloping riffs in parts.
3. MARION - Sex
  More of a straightforward metal tune, but the vocals still suck (and I could do without the "sound effects" too).
4. METAL CROSS - Call For The Children
  Another great song, but this time in a thrash metal style. In particular, the opening sounds like SABBAT (UK).
5. APOCALYPSE - Genocide
  With vocals, the style leans more toward power metal and the result is just as pleasing.
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