Metal Nacional Vol. I LP 1988
Label: Justine Records #: C-084 Country: Spain
Info: Compilation of Catalan Metal sponsored by Metal Hammer by the looks of it, with most songs taken from fairly rare releases on the Justine Records label. At least one more volume was made.
UPDATE: It has come to my attention that none of the tracks on this comp are exclusive, but since all original LPs are quite rare it's still worth mentioning.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BRUQUE - El Heavy No Es Violencia
  A very solid, uptempo Metalrocker. This is how all Metal comps should open!
2. BRUQUE - Seré Yo
  Follows in the same steady footsteps as the opener. Need to check out that LP methinks..

ULTIMOS DE CUBA - Oraciones Etilicas

  Crossover leaning more to the HC side of things than Thrash. Still decent stuff in the Accüsed-vein.
4. FUCK OFF - People In War
  Fast/slow/fast Thrash a la "Handle With Care"-era NUCLEAR ASSAULT.
5. A.D.N. - Don't Trick Me Tonight
  Mellow HR - a bad choice of a song from these guys. This one was clearly made for the radio.

Side B:
1. DESIRE - King Of The Universe
  Not only is it wimpy and commercial melo-hr/aor, it's also amateurish and unoriginal even by those standards.
2. DESIRE - Princess Of The Dark
  Schmallady intro that later turns into a marginally heavier affair.
3. NEXIS - La Bestía Del Reino
  Power Metal. Nothing we haven't heard before, but the guitars shine and the chorus is nifty.
4. EXCESS - Steel Met With Steel
  The "Mystery Band" of the album doesn't quite live up to the cult song title, but their sweetened Dio/Warlord-mix is still a worthwhile piece of melodic HM/HR, keys and sour vox aside. UPDATE: This song was in fact included on the band's very rare "Princess of Darkness" LP, i.e. it's not an exclusive song as previously stated.
5. ZEUS - Soy Fuerte
  A-dime-a-dozen melodic HR.
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