Metal Meltdown III LP 1988
Label: Ever Rat/Medusa Records #: 72262-1 Country: USA
Info: Even more Metals from Washington State. The most common volume, probably thanx to Restless Records' distribution channels.
(After looking up the quotes on the front sleeve the title and graphic design of this series is suddenly making sense. Here's an interesting sunday read on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. A bit off-topic, but it must have had an influence on the daily life of most people from this area, musicians included..)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SHOCK TREATMENT - Flesh And Blood
  Edgy, raw Metal/HR 'with attitude' + the mandatory screechy vocals.
2. CYPERUS - Judgement Day
  Classic US Metal in the league & vein of Griffin, Attacker etc.. Should more than please all fans of the genre.
3. TEMPT - Don't Walk Away
  Feminine schmallad crap.
4. LETHAL DOSE - The Abbatoir
  Nice chugging Speed Metal. Same as album version I've been told.
5. TURMOIL - Living A Lie
  Pretty excellent, mean mid-pace Power/Thrash with those neverending riff-orgies similar to UK Sacrilege and other bands with a HC/punk background.
6. SHOW & TELL - It's All Gone Wild
  More NWOBHM- and less novelty-sounding than their song off the last volume. The vocalist still sound like a sneaky bastard though..

Side B:
1. COVEN - 6669
  Thrashy Horror/Satan-Metal, dumb as fuck but still enjoyable. The "Blessed Is The Black" LP Coven.
2. GYPSY KISS - Take Me Home
  Not quite as sleazoid as the name would have you believe. Unoriginal but good Hard Rock w/ more than decent guitarwork.
3. PROWESS - Mystic Explorer
  This on the other had was a lot more limpwristed than the name and title would suggest. Your basic, keyboard-ridden melodic HM/HR.
4. CRISIS - Eye-To-Eye
  Mighty & Mystical Metal with Swords held high! Not to be confused w/ the Salt Lake City-Crisis who did the more HR "Armed To The Teeth" MLP.
5. DEHUMANIZERS - Everybody Fight
  Fast, thrashy crossover w/ an oi!-touch on the chorus. Not sure if this is same as LP or not.
6. KIL D'COR - Break My Heart
  You'd never guess it from the name & title but this is really great US Power Metal a la Metal Church, Savage Grace etc..
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