Metal Meltdown II LP 1987
Label: Ever Rat Records #: ER12LP0002 Country: USA
Info: More Steel from the state of Washington compiled.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KIL D'COR - Babylon
  Strange as it may be to open a compilation w/ a (semi)ballad, this is a rare excellent representative of the genre. Watch out, Metallica!
2. JINXX - Dreams Never Die
  Pompy, top-class melodic Metal, with keys but without the wimpery that often comes with them.
3. POETS CROWN - Battleline
  More melodism, yet with a sinister vibe and really cool guitar tone.
4. PASSION TOY - Chances 'R'
  Good raunchy Metal. A touch of Sleaze perhaps but riffing is solid.
  Bland, 2nd rate hardrockmetal.
6. DEHUMANIZERS - Renegade Smurf
  Neat & quirky crossover. Always liked this band despite their unfunny joking-around. Different to LP version.

Side B:
1. SHOCK TREATMENT - Might Makes Right
  Pretty classy 'Street Metal'. Rockin' stuff that doesn't sound too hairy.
2. SHOW & TELL - Computer Dates
  Funny, almost Devoesque Metal/HR/crossover with a dumb lead riff and silly sound effects, but with Cult Song written all over it. Featured as bonus track on the cassette version of their "Overnight Sensation" album.
3. D.C. LACROIX - Devil's Son
  Pumping, pounding Judas Priest-Metal w/ female vocals. Could have come straight off the "Stained Class" sessions. Superb of course.
4. VADASY JADE - Here's To Tomorrow
  Oversimple HR/HM that turns pretty interesting still, thanks to cool & dead-serious vocals.
5. ATTAX - Over And Over
  More of that simple & generic Metalrock that seem to be this album's trademark. And still good, again.
6. COVEN - Burn The Cross
  The retarded, satanic yet cult "Blessed Is The Black" thrash-Coven. Different to LP version.
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