Metal Massacre Nine LP 1988
Label: Metal Blade #: 72246-1 Country: USA
Info: Also on cassette. For the 1994 CD reissue, four tracks (RED RUM, PEDIFILE, THE WRATH and OVERDOSE) were removed in order to fit 8 & 9 on one CD.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BANSHEE - We Want You
  Great JUDAS PRIEST/OZZY style metal. One of their best tracks.
2. OLIVER MAGNUM - Old World Nights
  US speed/power that is more complex than it sounds at first. Great stuff.
3. TOXIK - Wasteland
  More straightforward thrash than their LP material, and that's a good thing. Probably my favorite track of theirs.
4. DISSENTER - Blood Under Heaven
5. RED RUM - Random Violence
  Enjoyable but unoriginal Bay Area thrash metal.

Side B:
1. PEDIFILE - The Defenitive Apology
  Stupid name, good music. Thrash metal with some hardcore influences, but thankfully not too much.
2. CHAOS HORDE - Needle Damage
  Boring thrash.
3. FAITH OR FEAR - Dehumanize
4. THE WRATH - Midnight Madman
  Refreshingly retro metal that takes me back to the good old days of Metal Blade and bands like Savage Grace, Thrust, etc.
5. OVERDOSE - Children Of War
  Brazilian power metal.
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