Metal Massacre VIII LP 1987
Label: Metal Blade #: 72178-1 Country: USA
Info: Also on cassette. Reissued in 1994 on cassette and CD split with Volume 9.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SACRED REICH - Ignorance
  Unusually raw thrash metal coming from these guys. Demo version.
2. VIKING - Hellbound
  Pitiful SLAYER copycats. Different version to LP.
3. OVERLORDE - Keeper Of The Flame
  Excellent power metal. This band was from North Carolina and should not be confused with the New Jersey band, even though they do sound similar.
4. FATAL VIOLENCE - Violence Is Golden
  Decent speed metal.
5. TACTICS - Spare No Lives
  Thrashy heavy metal with hard rock tendencies like ARMORED SAINT or Ohio's DAMIEN. Notable for featuring Steve Gaines after he left ABATTOIR and before he joined BLOODLUST.
6. SANCTUM - Nothing Left
  Generic Metal Blade thrash.

Side B:
1. GARGOYLE - Into The Darkness
  Superb power metal like fellow Portlanders GLACIER. In fact, bassist Doug Smith formerly played with GLACIER, and singer Tim Lachman would later sing on their 1988 demo.
2. RIPPER - Death Awaits You
  Heavy haunting horror metal with vocals that are death metal like but intelligible.
3. E.S.P. - Take 'Em Alive
  Great US metal, though singer Bill Jennings would improve control of his high notes on the album version.
4. WARGOD - Intimate With Evil
  Over-the-top thrash, a bit like an inferior VIO-LENCE. Rather surprisingly features Michelle Meldrum (PHANTOM BLUE) on guitar.
5. L.S.N. - Deadly Kiss
  The name stands for Loud Senseless Noise. It's not that bad, but it is fairly unoriginal speed metal.
6. COBALT BLUE - Bullets
  Good melodic metal from New Jersey with some L.A. influence. Nice vocals by Lennie Rizzo from EXXPLORER.
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