Metal Massacre VI LP 1985
Label: Metal Blade Records
Steamhammer Records
#: MBR1036
SH 0026
Country: USA
Info: Now the thrash bands start to outnumber the others, a trend that would continue on future volumes. Released on CD by Steamhammer in 1988 and by Metal Blade in 1994.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. POSSESSED - Swing Of The Axe
  Early death metal, sounds like DEATH's debut.
  Rather childish thrash metal that didn't live up to the hype surrounding the band at the time. Later rerecorded for their Indulgence LP.
3. STEEL ASSASSIN - Executioner
  Great JAG PANZER style power metal with warbly vocals. Bassist Phil Grasso went on to form Madd Hunter. Later reissued on their From The Vaults CD.
4. MAYHEM - Tear Down The Walls
  Portland, Oregon thrash with killer vocals that stick in your head. Singer Nick Damis was replaced by Matt McCourt (WILD DOGS) on the Burned Alive LP.
5. HADES - Easy Way Out
  Quite different to their later material, this sounds like a more hard rock oriented WITCHFINDER GENERAL.

Side B:
1. HALLOW'S EVE - Metal Merchants
  Early METALLICA style thrash that is surprisingly good for HALLOW'S EVE.
2. HIRAX - Bombs Of Death
  Typical HIRAX speed/thrash.
3. PATHFINDER - Fountain Keeper
  Awesome Canadian power metal that features Rik Anthony (BREAKER) on vocals.
4. DARK ANGEL - Welcome To The Slaughterhouse
  Sounds like a more extreme SLAYER but far too monotonous, unlike DARK ANGEL's later material.
5. THE OBSESSED - Concrete Cancer
  Decent doom metal with very Ozzy like vocals. Later released on Incarnate CD.
6. MARTYR - En Masse (Stand Or Die)
  The Dutch MARTYR, this is cool mid-paced power metal that reminds me of WARLORD in parts. Later released as a bonus track on the For The Universe CD.
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