Metal Massacre IV LP 1983
Label: Metal Blade
Noise International
#: MBR1012
N 005
Country: USA
Info: With Volume 4 the series starts to branch out with bands from all over the US and a few from Canada. Also the first consistently good album in the series. Reissued on CD in 1994.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SACRED BLADE - The Alien
  Original Canadian metal band, this is fairly weak compared to their LP material. The vocals in the chorus are particularly off-putting.
2. DEATH DEALER - Cross My Way
  Not as much IRON MAIDEN influence on this song as their LP, but a great song nonetheless. They would later change their name to DEAF DEALER and rerecord this song as Don't Get In My Way.
3. TROUBLE - The Last Judgement
  Slow, plodding doom metal track with unique vocals.
4. SCEPTRE - Taken By Force
  Great US power metal featuring John Cyriis on guitars (as John Camps). Later rerecorded by AGENT STEEL with John on vocals.
5. ZOETROPE - Speed Zone
  Decent MOTORHEAD type metal.
6. WAR CRY - Forbidden Evil
  Great early thrash metal with some low doomy guitars.

Side B:
1. ABATTOIR - Screams From The Grave
  Different version of the speed metal classic that features the insanely high vocals of John Cyriis (AGENT STEEL).
2. WITCHSLAYER - I Don't Want To Die
  Cool US metal with a slightly doomy edge to it. Great riffs, though the vocals are kind of weak.
3. LIZZY BORDEN - Rod Of Iron
  LIZZY BORDEN's first release is this early demo version of their epic masterpiece.
4. AUGUST REDMOON - Fear No Evil
  An interesting blend of hard rock and power metal. They later split into 2 bands: EDEN and ARMED FORCES.
5. THRUST - Destructer
  Decent IRON MAIDEN influenced US metal. Mislabeled as Trust on the back of the CD (inlay has it right). Also featured as bonus track on the MC version of their "Fist Held High" album.
6. MEDIEVAL - Medieval
  Quite an oddity, this is sort of BLACK SABBATH inspired doom rock with John Tardy like proto-death vocals. The overall sound is very heavy yet tongue-in-cheek.
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