Metal Massacre III LP 1983
Label: Metal Blade
Noise Records
#: MBR1008
N 002
Country: USA
Info: Same varying quality as volume 2 and the majority of bands are still from California (only exceptions are VIRGIN STEELE from New York and SNOWHITE from Illinois). Reissued on CD in 1994.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SLAYER - Aggressive Perfector
  Great first appearance for SLAYER, worthy of Show No Mercy. This version, which I prefer, was later added to reissues of Show No Mercy and Haunting The Chapel. A faster version was recorded in 1986 and included on the Postmortem and Criminally Insane singles.
2. BITCH - Riding In Thunder
  A great chugging riff makes this one of their best songs.
3. TYRANT - The Battle Of Armageddon
  Would be an awesome epic speed metal song if they hadn't stolen the bass riff from JUDAS PRIEST's Here Come The Tears. Then again, maybe it would've sucked if they didn't. Different to LP version.
4. MEDUSA - Piranahs
  MEDUSA offer up some completely unlistenable punk tinged metal.
5. TEST PATTERN - Bite The Knife
  This is pretty terrible too but at least it sounds like they kind of tried.
6. BLACK WIDOW - Blitzkrieg
  Excellent instrumental but sadly no other releases.

Side B:
1. WARLORD - Mrs. Victoria
  WARLORD return to the Metal Massacre series with this spooky track that reminds me of MERCYFUL FATE, at least lyrically. Included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of the Deliver Us EP. Later released on Thy Kingdom Come (different version) and Best of Warlord.
2. VIRGIN STEELE - Let's Go All The Way
  Not the best introduction to the band as this is one of their more party rock sounding songs. Same as the LP version, though the title is shortened to Go All The Way.
3. SEXIST - Fire And Wind
  In contrast, this sounds like it could be one of VIRGIN STEELE's best metal tracks. Bassist Michael Zaputil went on to play for AGENT STEEL, while the drummer and guitarist formed LETCHEN GREY.
4. SNOWHITE - Hell Bent
  Early female-fronted speed metal. Changed name to ZNÖWHITE and later morphed into CYCLONE TEMPLE.
5. MARAUDER - The Kid
  An odd blend of MOTLEY CRUE and JUDAS PRIEST that doesn't really work.
6. LA MORT - Fist And Chain
  Another uninteresting track from another unknown.
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