Metal Massacre II LP 1982
Label: Metal Blade #: MBR1004 Country: USA
Info: A step up in quality from the first volume, but still a few stinkers. Some copies came with an insert. Reissued on CD in 1994.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ARMORED SAINT - Lesson Well Learned
  ARMORED SAINT's very first recording is a NWOAHM classic that would define their sound. Later appeared on their debut EP.
2. 3RD STAGE ALERT - Mind Invader
  This band reminds me of ALCATRAZZ, though on this killer track they have more of an epic feel. Included as bonus track on cassette and Japanese CD versions.
3. SURGICAL STEEL - Rivit Head
  Straightforward but very well done JUDAS PRIEST inspired metal.
4. OBSESSION - Shadows Of Steel
  None of the commercial sound of their later releases is present here, just pure metal.
5. SAVAGE GRACE - Scepters Of Deceit
  Could have been great catchy speed metal in the vein of their later material, but the goofy high pitched vocals throughout the second half of the song really kill it.
6. OVERKILL - No Holds Barred
  Decent hardcore/metal crossover. Later changed their name to OVERKILL L.A. for obvious reasons.

Side B:
1. WARLORD - Lucifer's Hammer
  Awesome epic power metal. Different to both the EP and LP versions.
2. TRAUMA - Such A Shame
  Cliff Burton's only recording before getting picked up by METALLICA. Good but unspectacular NWOAHM.
3. DIETRICH - It's Alright
  No frills hard rock/heavy metal.
4. MOLTEN LEATHER - Inversion
  Totally forgettable metal.
5. HYKSOS - The Kings
  Horrible vocals ruin this otherwise enjoyable 70s JUDAS PRIEST style song.
6. ALOHA - Heavy Metal Virgin
  Great proto-speed metal song with Marty Friedman (MEGADETH) on lead guitar and Lisa Ruiz on vocals. Formerly known as VIXEN, they would later become HAWAII.
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