Metal Massacre Ten LP 1990
Label: Metal Blade Z #: Zorro 4 Country: USA
Info: Only available on vinyl from the European "Metal Blade Z"-chapter of Metal Blade Records (co-owned by Zomba/Music For Nations), Original US pressings are CD-only. As an album it shows the decline of both the label and the Metal scene of the time. Hugely disappointing.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BETRAYAL - Sick Or Sane
  Monotonous mid-pace Thrash nonsense. Same band as featured on the Raging Death compilation.
2. SOLITUDE - Typhoid Mary
  Even the music sounds constipated on this heavily Megadeth-influenced piece of quasi-Thrash. Later featured on the "Poisoned Population: The Complete Collection" 2CD 2009.
3. MURDERCAR - Mirage Of Blood
  Borderline "modern" Thrash (as it was called 20 years ago..). Tired & sort of "groovy".
4. CONFESSOR - The Secret
  Never been a die-hard fan of these cultsters, but here they clearly show superior their skewed and awkward Progressive Thrash-Doom was at the time.
5. DAN COLLETTE - Egyptian Falcon
  Instrumental muso-Metal with added trumpet. Totally unremarkable but belive it or not - the trumpet actually blends in kinda nice (flame on..)

Side B:
1. NIHILIST - Infected
  A bit more energetic and attention-grabbing than the previous Thrash-offerings. Still not great, of course.
2. R.O.T. - Visions In Secret
  Good Power/Heavy/Thrash with a vocalist pending between Ozzy-wailings and Udo-grunts.
3. WENCH - Mercy
  The only thing they had going for them as far as originality goes was them being a bunch of grrls, but musicwise their Powerthrash outshines most other bands on this album.
4. SLAUGHTER - The Fourth Dimension
  No less raging than their classic "Strappado" LP from a few years earlier. A bit tighter perhaps, but in a good way. Later featured on the "Not Dead Yet/Paranormal" CD from 2001.
5. I.D.K. - Stayed Up 4 Daze
  Quirky crossover like Dehumanizers, Stikky and the likes..
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