Metalmania 89 LP 1989
Label: Pronit #: PLP 0113 Country: Poland
Info: Recorded live at the festival with the same name. The last volume in the "Metalmania"-series to my knowledge (at least on vinyl).

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ALASTOR - Epitafium
  Fast, americanized/"Bay Area" Thrash. Tight & boring.
2. TURBO - Aids
  Hereabouts is where this once great band started their descent into unoriginal, play-by-numbers Techno Thrash. Later featured as bonus on the 2001 CD reissue of their "Alive!" LP.
3. GOMOR - I'm Believer In Your Eyes
  A nice intermission by way of mid-pace Motörhead-worship, though there were definitely better clones out there..
4. HAMMER - Szal
  Very fast Thrash Metal. The sheer speed kinda makes up for the lack of identity.

Side B:
1. TURBO - Piesn Sybilli
  Too many unnecessary starts'n'stops ruining an otherwise decent SpeedThrasher. Later featured as bonus on the 2001 CD reissue of their "Alive!" LP.
2. EGZEKUTOR - Dawno Czekam
  A tad more brutal Thrash in the "..Aggression"/"Coma.."-Kreator style. Best one so far.
3. HAMMER - Obóz
  Starts out like another tired Bay-Area clone but then there's this killer bridge part that saves the day. Cool!
4. OPEN FIRE - Rzym 64r P.N.E.
  Imo the Best Band on that '87 split-LP triplet-affair that started the series, but here they disappoint with a bland & sloppy Powerthrash-peccadillo.
5. ASTHAROTH - The Drunk Hate
  Just generally messy & too fast for their own good.
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