Metalmania 88 LP 1988
Label: Poljazz #: K-PSJ-023 Country: Poland
Info: A selection of tracks recorded live at the festival with the same name. Follows up the Metal Shock compilation and the series of 3 "Metalmania" split-LPs from the year before.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TURBO - Seans Z Vampirem
  One of their greatest hits from their Thrash/Speed-period. A perfect representative of the genre that sounds even better live than on the "Ostatni Wojownik" LP.
2. DESTROYER - Noc Królovej Zadzy
  Ironically (?) very similar to Destruction and once again superior to the studio version (mostly because the mixing on that one was way below par..)
3. DRAGON - Horda Goga
  Technical and in no way 'exotic' Thrash a la "Deception Ignored"-era Deathrow that still does the job right. This one sounded better in the studio though.
4. WOLF SPIDER - Dzieci Bez Nazwisk
  Reminds me of the earliest Mekong Delta-stuff before they went totally bonkers. Solid & talented yet lacking in identity.

Side B:
1. HAMMER - Dzieci XX Wieku
  Continues the Talented-Techno-Thrash style of Dragon and Wolf Spider with honor, but in the long run probably only relevant to the die-hard fans of the genre.
2. WOLF SPIDER - Thrashers
  No surprises: Thrashers thrashing out a thrasher about thrashers thrashing. Good musicianship. Later featured as bonus on the 2009 CD reissue of their "Wilczy Pająk" LP.
3. GENOSIDE - Keep Thrashing [band name misspelt "Genocide" on the back sleeve]
  See above, but with out-of-tune guitars & vocals. Still it's infinitely better than anything they did as their later totally atrocious C.Y.D.H.I.E. GENOSIDE-incarnation.. *shudders*
4. TURBO - Planeta Smierci
  Poland's Greatest Sons leading the way. Same ol' tech Speed/Thrash, just a little bit better than the rest. Later featured as bonus on the 2001 CD reissue of their "Alive!" LP.
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