Metal Madness: Volume One LP 1985
Label: New Renaissance #: NR01 Country: USA
Info: The first release on New Renaissance consists of mostly Californian bands. Supposedly a limited edition on red vinyl but I don't think there was another.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. KNIGHTMARE II - Promised Land
  Dreadful cross between RATT and ARMORED SAINT.
2. SHOK PARIS - Streets Of Pleasure
  Great US metal with the unique vocals of Vic Hix, but not quite on par with their first 2 LPs. Bonus track on Go For The Throat CD reissue.
3. MAX - Highways
  DEEP PURPLE inspired 70s rocker that is fairly standard at first but has a strong WHITE SPIRIT like finish. Probably the same MAX that appeared on the 13k - Southern Valley Sounds 7".
4. HELLION - Fire
  Good early, hard rockish HELLION. Later released on their Up From The Depths compilation.
5. VICE - Do Unto Others
  Sounding like an Ebony act, this is the New York VICE who also appeared on the Speed Metal Hell I + II DLP and again on Speed Metal Hell III under the name THE KILL. Later featured on the VICE/THE KILL demo anthology LP "Complete" from 2009 (Stormbringer Records).

Side B:
1. ASSASSIN - Treason
  Great song that combines the main riff of SAVAGE's We Got the Right with DOKKEN-like vocals. Also appeared as a single and on the No Substitute For Steel compilation.
2. SCARLET ANGEL - Living Wild
  Amid all the American bands, these guys sound so unmistakably Dutch it's almost funny. Good NWOBHM inspired heavy metal song which also appeared on Metal Power V.
3. PROPHET - Black Raven
  After a very DIO-like intro it turns into something more akin to CIRITH UNGOL with cleaner vocals.
4. HIGH RISK - What Is Love
  Decent straightforward hard rock/heavy metal from before they added a female singer (as heard on the Ladykillers compilation).
5. SIXTY-NINE - Sunset Nights
  Run-of-the-mill sleaze metal with a melodic chorus. They also had one song on the California's Best Metal compilation.
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