Metallic Storm LP 1982
Label: Ebony #: EBON 6 Country: England
Info: Ebony's second metal compilation is also my favorite. Released with 2 different covers: the one shown here and the more common, colorful one.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. MERCYFUL FATE - Black Funeral
  Hopefully this classic needs no introduction. However, here we have a rare demo version which is every bit as good as the LP version. This was MERCYFUL FATE's first ever vinyl appearance.
2. TANTRUM - You Won't Live Forever
  AC/DC-ish hard rock.
3. SCIMITAR - That's The Way I Want It
  Welsh band with early IRON MAIDEN sound.
4. TAROT SUTRA - The Fool
  Great song that sounds a lot like SCORPIONS' Polar Nights.
5. MEAN MACHINE - Gods & Devils
  Fairly traditional NWOBHM sound, but the eccentric vocals remind me of Dave McDonough (DEEP SWITCH) or even Dave Halliday (RACE AGAINST TIME moreso than HELL).
6. CONFESSOR - Secrets
  Enjoyable thrashy song with some very interesting use of keyboards. Singer/bassist Krys Mason later joined CHATEAUX.
7. JURY - Don't Go
  A catchy chorus and a nice beat make it easy to forgive the funky break in the middle of this 70s rocker.

Side B:
1. WELLS FARGO - Hellride
  WELLS FARGO show that the Dutch can do NWOBHM too with this energetic number. They later morphed into ATTILA.
2. MERCINARY - Not The Time
  Unremarkable NWOBHM.
3. WIKKYD VIKKER - Super Rocker
  Decent song that sounds quite a lot like BITCHES SIN.
4. PENTAPUS - Breakout
  I'm pretty sure there were plenty of good band names left in 1982, so who knows how they ended up with this one. Thankfully the song is better, sounding a bit like PARALEX.
5. DETROIT - USA Lights
  This is the only really bad song on here, which is quite a feat for an Ebony compilation. They were clearly trying for an American hard rock sound but they failed. Singer Andy Pyke later joined MARSHALL LAW.
6. MOBY DICK - Can't Have My Body Tonight
  Most notable for having Max Bacon (NIGHTWING, BRONZ, GTR) on vocals. He sounds like a young Rob Halford on this standard hard rock song.
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