Metallic Bunny's Fast Collection MLP 1986
Label: Earthshaker #: ES 4017 Country: Germany
Info: Super-German Steel from one of the Germanest labels around. The easter bunny & eggs-thing may be a continuation on the Holiday-theme started by the infamous "Banging Round The X-Mas Tree" by X-MAS PROJECT released by the same label. High WTF?-factor nonetheless.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. CARRIE - The Assassin
  A real HeavySpeed ripper owing plenty to SAXON's "Heavy Metal Thunder" but how could that ever be a bad thing?
2. ATLAIN - The Sinner
  A shameless riff-off of MANOWAR's "Gloves Of Metal" there, but once again who cares?
3. STEELER - Call Her Princess (live)
  The saving grace of the album is this unique 10+ minutes live recording of one the catchiest tunes off their brilliant debut. Solos, sing-a-longs and member intros fill up the time as is customary.

Side B:
1. ATLAIN - Demon's Feast
  Another enticing Power Metal attack from this great ol' underrated band.
2. HOLY MOSES - Walpurgisnight
  Grunting Speed/Thrashers who never impressed me.
3. FACT - Shout Out Loud
  Mid-league Germano-Metal with constipated vox like early GRAVE DIGGER, RESTLESS etc..
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