Metal In Rocks Volume III CD 1990
Label: Berdu #: SAS 111 Country: Netherlands
Info: Volume 3 covers a wide variety of Dutch bands, like the first volume but leaning more toward rock than metal. Booklet includes band info and photos.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. CHALICE - Bad Reputation
  Amateur hard rock/glam with irritating shrieking vocals.
2. TIGHTROPE - Real Reality
  Awkward blend of progressive hard rock and alternative metal.
3. MINDCRIME - Time...
  The expected QUEENSRYCHE influence is there, but overall this sounds more like a STRATOVARIUS ballad.
4. BUDWEISER - Alchol Man
  AC/DC influenced hard rock/sleaze.
5. FLYER - Cover Queen
  Sloppy melodic metal with glam tendencies similar to some German bands (AXE VICTIMS, DARXON, etc.) Different to album version.
6. HIGHWIRE - Tales And Lies
  Arena style hard rock with a NWOBHM guitar sound.
7. PALACE - You Don't Call It Rock & Roll
  Singer Huib de Vaan of SCARFACE (one of the best bands on The Heavy Touch) gives us this boring TWISTED SISTER style hard rock.
8. DEALEN - Don't Take Me
  Fast-paced hard rock/metal that threatens to get your head banging but never delivers.
9. MINDCRIME - Gonna Shout
  Not a ballad this time, but sadly more of a party rock style then the prog/power I was hoping for.
10. TIGHTROPE - Dreaming Delirious
  Melodic power metal with progressive tendencies. Not bad.
11. HIGHWIRE - Fool 4 Love
  Hard rock/glam.
12. CHALICE - The Best Of Me
  Melodic hard rock.
13. BUDWEISER - King Of Beers
  A heavier slice of boogie that is head-boppingly enjoyable.
14. FLYER - A Little Help
  A lighter number that, except for the vocals, leans more toward a certain Swedish brand of melodic rock. Different to album version.
15. DEALEN - Kick It Out
  Limp and lifeless hard rock/AOR.
16. PALACE - Jane
  A decent chugging rhythm makes for a significant improvement here, but there's no saving those flat vocals.
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