Metal In Rocks Volume II CD 1989
Label: Berdu #: SAS 105 Country: Netherlands
Info: Second in a series of 3 compilations of underground Dutch artists, and the first not on vinyl. Unlike volumes 1 and 3, this one focuses on thrash metal. Booklet includes band info and photos.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

1. DONOR - Reality In Disguise
  Speed/thrash metal with warbly vocals. Not as progressive as their later albums.
2. KOOZ KILLZ APPELMOOZ - Nutroma Throwing Dad
  With a goofy sense of humor and obligatory mosh part, ANTHRAX seems to be a major influence for these guys (just look at those shorts!) Also had 2 songs on the 1992 sampler Het Debuut Popimpresariaat.
3. VIGILANT - Visions Of A Dying Brain
  Generic thrash metal with half-shouted vocals.
4. DEAD HEAD - I Tormentor
  Extreme thrash like early KREATOR. This track later appeared on the Demolition: Out Of The Shadow. Into The Light compilation tape.
5. SPEEDICA - Souls Of Despair
  The name suggests they are trying to be a speed metal version of METALLICA and that sounds about right.
6. SORCERER - Reality Of Life
  Raw thrash metal in the vein of early SACRED REICH.
7. JAGANNATH - Innocent Victims
  Evil sounding thrash with diverse vocals from Egbert Berenst who now sings for DARK WIZARD.
8. SPEEDICA - Mind Liberty
  The power metal leanings are more evident on this track making it sound like FLOTSAM & JETSAM.
9. DEAD HEAD - Rites Of Kandar
  DEAD HEAD's second track leans more toward proto-black metal. Rerecorded in 1991 for The Feast Begins At Dawn.
10. KOOZ KILLZ APPLEMOOZ - Raining Purgatory
  Unexpectedly, this is a mid-paced power metal track that doesn't seem silly at all.
11. JAGANNATH - Mountains Of Molehill
  Less evil, more power/thrash.
12. VIGILANT - Your Cold Embrace
  Decent TESTAMENT style thrash metal with crappy shouted vocals.
13. SORCERER - Beyond Any Reason
  Fast and boring thrash.
14. DONOR - Masked Violence
  This track shows more of their technical tendencies. Too much in my opinion, as they clearly have more talent than the other bands on here but the song ends up sounding disjointed.
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