Metal In Rocks Volume I LP 1988
Label: Berdu Records #: SAS 100 Country: Holland
Info: All Dutch bands. Includes a two-sided insert with band pix & info. 2 more volumes were produced, both on CD only.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. GARLAND - Burning The Bridges
  Halen-"1984"-style keys start off a melodic hardrocker that's decent for what it is I guess, but a sordid start for a Metal compilation.
2. MESSINA - Deathrow
  'tallica PowerThrash like something snatched off "And Justice For All". The fast parts > the mid-pace ones.
3. GILGAMESJ - Into The Fire
  Great melodic Metal that's both very different and better than their old MLP on Rave On Records.
4. PANDEMONIUM - Pandemonium
  Heavy and "mystic" Metal w/ keys + a touch of 80's Sabbath. Excellent, moodfilled stuff.
5. GERMANE - Back To The Future
  Well done but generic feel-good Hard Rock.
6. ARMAGEDDON - Black Cymbals
  Superbalicious Power Metal stormrider! The part where the classic Metal wailing vocals turns to growling in the chorus sounds cool as hell.

Side B:
1. GERMANE - She Tells Me Stories
  Same uppety HR as last time but with some more hit-potential.
2. GILGAMESJ - This World
  Slow and pompy Hard Rock/melo-Metal. Good stuff.
3. MESSINA - Murder In The First Degree
  Another mid-pace PowerThrasher heavily influenced by bands heavily influenced by Metallica.
4. ARMAGEDDON - Curse Of The Pharao
  Not a misspelled M Fate-cover at all but rough Speed Metal w/ a Teutonic touch, like a not-so-lame Tankard.
5. GARLAND - Caught In The Act
  Surprisingly good melodic Metal with an Ian Gillan-wannabe in the front and keyboard-infused Dio-music in the back.
  Epic Metal-light with more keyboards and they do a bloody great job with them too.
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