Metal Inferno LP 1985
Label: Kastle Killers #: KKLP 103 Country: England
Info: In most ways yet another NWOBHM cash-in affair that despite its outstanding content wouldn't have qualified for this page - if it weren't for the inclusion of the legendary WIDOW-track.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. VENOM - Black Metal
  Have you laid down your soul to the gods rock'n'roll lately?
  Perhaps the only song in Doom-history that (almost) beats Black Sabbath at their own game.
3. CRUCIFIXION - Green Eyes
  A fantasic, archetypical NWOBHM tune crapfull of hooks & mean riffs. Way ahead of any other material with the band.
4. CLOVEN HOOF - Laying Down The Law
  One of the catchiest songs off their debut LP. Live favourite!
5. DEMON - Don't Break The Circle
  The one-hit-wonders' one hit? No, that's maybe a bit too harsh.. A true classic in occult melodic HR/HM nevertheless.

Side B:
1. DEMON - Beyond The Gates
  A more 'typical' Demon-tune, unfortunately.
2. BLOOD - Incubus
  Pure goosebumpsinducing Horror Metal Darkness. An incredible song that unfortunately sounds nothing like the rest of the "Se Parare Nex" MLP from which it is borrowed. Other than their 'shock rock'-sidestep with SPN, The Blood was basically a rock-oriented oi/punk band.
3. VENOM - Woman
  A bit of a filler imo.
4. ANGEL WITCH - Dr. Phibes
  Proves what an underrated format Metal-instrumentals really are.
5. CLOVEN HOOF - Gates Of Gehenna
  One of the greatest anthems from the epic, more Metallic end of the NWOBHM.
6. WIDOW - Come To The Sabbath
  Kip Trevor, the original vocalist of olde UK devilworshipers Black Widow backed up by prog/symph-rockers Pendragon, doing an excellent re-recording of this old BW earring. I remember EVERYONE hearing this back in the days being totally in awe of its creepy awkwardness and originality.
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