Metal Hour - Metal Tracks No. 3 LP 1986
Label: D&S Recording #: WK30.698 Country: Germany
Info: Continues the "Break Out - German Metal Tracks" series on the same label. The dropping of 'German' in the title leads us to believe that at least one band on here might have been hailing from a neighboring country. A slight step down in quality from the 2 previous volumes.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
  Great energetic Heavy/Power which some sweet riffin' reminding me of Gotham City.
2. HEAVY CURRENT - Devils Eyes
  80's Priest-riffing in a well-produced package, losing some of its charm due to silly, 45rpm'y vocals.
3. BREATHLESS - Cought [sic] In The Heat
  More weird (atonal) vocals ruining some decent Metal leads.
4. NO REQUEST - Ride Hard
  Heavy, crunchy "GAMA-Records Metal". Will keep your foot tapping for at least 3-4 minutes.
5. MORGAN LE FAY - Killer Without A Face
  Also included on "Teutonic Invasion Volume One". The song itself sound better among its weaker competitors on this comp though...

Side B:
1. MORGAN LE FAY - Morgan Le Fay
  Playing still sloppy and vocals still out of tune, in turn making it hard to enjoy the few goodish leads.
2. NO REQUEST - Shadows Of The Future
  Super-German, run-of-the-mill Accept-clonery. The singer's no Udo though.
3. BREATHLESS - Normandie
  More of a Maiden-feel to this Epic piece of ear-candy. Shame on the shitty vocals.
4. HEAVY CURRENT - Let's Start The Revolution
  HM w/ a neat, groovy lead riff but as a whole the song just isn't going anywhere.
5. STAGEFRIGHT - Stagerockin Man
  Defending the crown of Best Band On Comp with solid, NWOBHM/Saxon-influenced power!
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