Metal For Muthas LP 1980
Label: EMI Records
Back Bone Records
#: EMC 3318
Country: England
Info: A genre-defining and legendary album that shoudn't need any introduction.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. IRON MAIDEN - Sanctuary
  Their 'token RnR song' here in a different version from the singles (though probably rereleased on later Maiden-comps many times over..)
2. SLEDGEHAMMER - Sledgehammer
  Theme-song & Greatest Hit from this mighty fine band, sounding like Saxon at their fastest. Different from both 7" and LP version.
3. E.F. BAND - Fighting For Rock And Roll
  Without a doubt the greatest track ever from this Swenglish act. Energy overload! Best song on the comp bar "Wrathchild".
  Worst career move in NWOBHM history? A slow blues for music history's garbage dump.
5. PRAYING MANTIS - Captured City
  Another Best Song Ever from a classic band. Melodic yet unwimpy HM. Different to "Soundhouse Tapes" version.

Side B:
1. ETHEL THE FROG - Fight Back
  The #1 Hit Parade continues. Great song a bit more steelclad than most of their other stuff.
2. ANGEL WITCH - Baphomet
  Clearly shows how brutal and ahead of their time they were. One of their heaveist tracks..
3. IRON MAIDEN - Wrathchild
  Different from "Killers" LP version.
4. SAMSON - Tomorrow Or Yesterday
  Slow, bluesy ballad w/ the odd quasi-metallic riff. Different to "Survivors" LP version but later featured as a bonus track on the CD reissue.
5. NUTZ - Bootliggers
  Sound like the heaviest song off the repertoire of a more HR-oriented act. Not bad boogie-metal.
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