Metal Fatigue LP 1982
Label: Ebony Records #: EBON 1 Country: England
Info: The very first release of legendary UK label Ebony Records. As an album it proves that "obscure NWOBHM" doesn't always equal greatness.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. HEADHUNTER - Headhunter
  Solid heavy rock riffing wasted on a whiny, constipated vocalist.
2. SAVAGE - Ain't No Fit Place
  They probably sounded more original and groundbreaking back then. Today their meat & potatoes NWOBHM tend to get lost in the crowd.
3. HOT WIRE - Ain't Gonna Beg
  Ac/Dc-influenced NWOBHM lacking the energy of their heroes.
4. SCHELL [sic] SHOCK - Steel Breeze
  Lizzy-meets-Priest proto-Metal. Quite heavy but songwise pure nonsense. Post-TITAN (of 'East Wind, West Wind' 7" fame).
5. STRONTIUM DOG - Getting In From The Outside
  Very 70's-sounding semi-ballad. Funny vocals sounding like the guy is singing to his newborn baby. The "la-la-la"-part hardly improves things.

Side B:
1. J.D. BAND - Too Late
  Peculiar, quite atmospheric stuff - like a new wavy Omega perhaps? Hardly archetypical NWOBHM but still a cool track for us who appreciate some weirdness.
2. ASSASIN [sic] - Lonely Southern Road
  Superb, grinding guitars! Sounds like an angrier, less hippy Hawkwind. Best song on the album by far.
3. INNER VISION - Stage Play
  Another Hawkwind-sounding piece, but more of a traditional rocker. Bits of 60's psych in there too.
4. MODUS OPERANDI - Something Inside
  Groovy riff-HR. Dunno weather to label this cool & laidback or just tired & lazy.
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