Metal Explosion LP 1980
Label: BBC Records #: REH 397 Country: England
Info: All songs recorded live in studio on the famous The Friday Rock Show on BBC 1. Got a follow-up the year after called simply The Friday Rock Show. All tracks are different to later album/7" appearances.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. SAMSON - Take It Like A Man
  Oldest NWOBHM ripped straight out of the cradle, i.e. quite 70's sounding yet still on to something new, raw & fresh.
2. PRAYING MANTIS - Johnny Cool
  Hard Rock'n'Roll/boogie. *shrugs*
3. TRESPASS - Visionary
  Semi-ballad not too far off from the early Maiden ones. Turns out great towards the end (like all good semi-ballads should) Different to the version on "The Works II" CD but included on an earlier bootleg CD.
4. TAURUS - Paper Chaser
  Excellent hardrocker pulverizing both Samson and Praying Mantis at their own game.

Side B:
1. MORE - Soldier
  A raging, pounding rocker with a touch of Saxon. Great, underrated band.
2. MONEY - Leo The Jester
  Groovy/quirky/uppety 70's style HR.
3. GILLAN - If You Believe Me
  Sorry, my ears fell asleep. I think it was a blues..
4. ANGEL WITCH - Extermination Day
  This really shows how brutal and cutting-edge they were back then. One of their faster, more abrasive cuts, making all other inclusions sound like Toto. Later featured on the reissue CD of their s/t album on Sanctuary from 2005, including all 4 tracks from this session.
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