Metal Attack LP 1987
Label: RCA #: ZL 71365 Country: Italy
Info: Quite a mystery, this one. Released on a major label, yet barely any info can be found about the album or the featured bands. I've come across a vague reference to a Vol.2, but we'll have to call this Unconfirmed for the time being. The uncredited tracks are instrumental interludes made by various band members and studio musicians. (Click the back sleeve for more info)
All in all one of the strangest compilations I've ever come across.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Preludio
  Very Metal-sounding, evil pep-speach over "haunting" sound effects. (Killer Fox anyone?)
2. WORKSHOP - Bad Words
  Waaaay too Van Halen-sounding after such an intro. The usual instrumental guitar wankery.
3. WATERFALL - The Fighter
  Another instru.. no wait there's vocals. More wankery, but with a heavier, neo-classical approach and actually quite good.
4. Variazione II
  My doG... A drum solo. Why?
5. RISE - Metallo 5
  Instrumental. More "Proglo" than "Metallo", but quite listenable if you're in the mood.

Side B:
1. EAST - Exotic Escape
  Slick, symphonic Prog Metal(?) that won me over thanx to a healthy dose of originality.
2. SUBWAY FORCE - Rainbow Fire
  BOOM!! A simply fantastic Power Metal 10/10'er, alone making this album worth the hunt. Try not raising your fist to this one, I dare you!
3. Adagio
  "Sound experiment" consisting of some guitarnoise over a heartbeat sound effect. This is reaching Metal Enterprises-levels of schizo..
4. MRS. INGRID - The Poison Tree
  Quirky, more off-the-wall "Real" Prog w/ heavy guitars than "Prog Metal". An instrumental once again.
5. Variazione IV
  Guitar solo.
6. Ripresa
  More Killer Fox-like spoken stuff, telling us that Italian Metal just resurrected.
7. Final
  ..into keyboard-oriented jazz rock apparently. And with more dumb sound effects of course.
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