Merlin Music Presents... LP 1987
Label: Merlin Music #: VPAG-MMLP-4412 Country: USA
Info: Collection of bands who recorded at Merlin Music Studios in East Hanover, NJ. Includes a lyric sheet.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. TOUGH BREAK - Time Flies
  Catchy commercial hard rock.
2. GROUND FLOOR - All On My Own
3. TAMELA - Take Me To Your Heart
4. EASTERN POTATA - Don't Dream Alone

Side B:
1. BRUTE FORCE - You've Been Warned
  Decent but unoriginal speed metal, like an inferior ABATTOIR.
  Aggressive thrash, almost proto-death metal.
3. LYNX - Baby Don't Cry
  MOTLEY CRUE meets light post-NWOBHM like VALHALLA or something.
4. MERLIN - The Storm
  Starts off as a ballad that wouldn't even qualify for this list but slowly builds up until about 3 minutes in when the total epic metal breakdown comes. No joke! Surprisingly good considering it's basically the studio owner and his fiance.
5. NORWAY - Secret's Of Love
  Melodic hard rock for fans of DOKKEN or LILLIAN AXE.
  Keir: DaN: - Rarity:  
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