Melodiju Stafete 7 LP 1988
Label: Melodia #: C60 26879 009 Country: Latvia/USSR
Info: Part of a series of 10 compilations of rock & pop (mostly pop) from Latvia, released by Soviet state label Мелодия. The first volume to include anything Heavy, though it's worth mentioning vol. 4 had two exclusive LĪVI tracks, unfortunately more in the hard-to-mid rock style of their '86 debut.
Titled "Melodiju Stafete Nr. 7" on the labels.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. ODIS - Radio
  Schmalzy electro-pop.
2. Uģis Roze w/ TURAIDAS ROZE - Rīta Serenāde
  Alternative pop.
3. Rita Trence - Noktirne
  Jazzy schlager ballad.
4. CREDO - Dzintarmeitene
  More of the same..
5. Einārs Vītols w/ TIP-TOP - Nāra
  Trad r'n'r/rockabilly.

Side B:
1. SAIME - Nemirsti, Muļķīti
2. ZODIAKS - Klaidonis
  Soft, fluffy fem-fronted rock.
3. Aivars Hermanis W/ REMIX - Standartprognoze
  Smooth, jazzy pop.
4. OPUS PRO - Kurbads
  Fast "Hell Bent For Leather"-Metal with a great compelling chorus of classic Eastern Bloc fare a la Tublatanka, Aria, Sifon etc... Out of their half-a-dozen compilation appearances, this is probably my favourite.
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