Melange LP 1983
Label: 'T Groote Ongenoegen #: 160.482 Country: Belgium
Info: Compilation of bands from the Genk region of Belgium, issued in a gatefold sleeve.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. THE ROTOR - Bad Dreams
  Alt. rock with a disco beat.
2. D - FECT - They Are Coming
  New wave.
3. JAN DAN STIK - Power Rainbow
  Interesting proggy ballad that sounds like a cross between PROCOL HARUM and 70s JUDAS PRIEST. The problem is that the slow build up is more plodding than epic.
4. LUSH - Jetz Kommen Die Kanonen
  Synth pop.
5. STRESS - Feel Like Knocking On Heavens Door
  Seventies rock.
6. DIRK EVERAERT - Chablis - Bougros
  Folk instrumental.

Side B:
1. SHINE MOVEMENT - It's Time To Jam
  Funky alt. rock.
2. THE BOOZE BAND - I'm A Kingbee
3. 'T POMPELIERKE - Liefde Twee
  Folk rock.
4. WESTFALEN - Bad Habbits
  More hard rocking than their later EP but still a good metal song, like early BAD LIZARD for example. Plus it has those distinctive Belgian vocals (for better or worse).
5. SIGLO XX - Beginning
  Live dark wave.
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