The Metal Collection Volume III LP 1987
Label: Ebony Records #: EBON S102 Country: England
Info: The sleeve gives no info whatsoever on the bands and their origin, but it is generally believed to be an international compilation, though probably with its main focus on the UK. (Frozen Eyes were from Sweden, that much we know..)

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. FROZEN EYES - Intruder (World Of Madness)
  Great progressive Power/Speed/Heavy ruined by annoying vocals.
2. PURSUIT - Wastelands
  Melodic HM/HR with nice vocals of the olde British (?) high standard.
3. NITELYNE - Winners Or Loosers
  Amateurish post-NWOBHM. Not bad.
4. COVENANT - Breaker
  The kind of WILD garage/d.i.y./only-on-a-comp Metal that yours truly simply adores.
5. MOBIUS STRIP - Shout To The Top
  Glamish HR. Forgettable.
6. OUT OF ORDER - Illusion Of Fear
  "Pure" US-Power-Metal-w/-high-vox. Origin unknown tho'
7. PASSIONTIDE - Can't Live Without Your Love
  Uninspiring Hard Rock. No one's singing along to your chorus, guys :(
8. CRY - Party After Dark
  100% useless sleazerock.

Side B:
1. SIOUX - Too Late
  aor/melodic hr.
2. CERBERUS - Alpha Centauri
  Sounds like NWOBHM/Punk crossover a la '79. Bloody awesome!
3. KAMIKAZI - Meet Your Maker
  Another really cool garageMetal piece, now with female vocals!
4. MK II - Twilight Zone
  Rock'n'Rolly '77-punk!? Nice break, but what the hell is it doing here??
5. STRANDED - Love Lost Forever
  Melodic HR/HM standard.
6. ALIBI - Breakout
  Timeless NWOHM/HR. Goodish.
7. PAINT IT BLACK - The Next Show
  Melancholic, unintentionally original kitchen-sink Metalrock. I really, really like this stuff.
8. SUDDEN COMFORT - Compulsory Purchase
  Motörhead-wannabes or aging oi!punksters? Beats me..
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