The Metal Collection Volume I LP 1986
Label: Ebony Records #: EBONS 100 Country: England
Info: First of 3 compilations released with the same cover art but in different colors.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. BLOOD MONEY - Metalyzed
  Fast'n'rowdy VENOM/MOTÖRHEAD/JAGUAR-Speed + high, clear vocals a al Steve Grimmet = Ebony's finest signing.
2. HIGH VOLTAGE - End Of Time
  Rumoured to have been an American act and it sort of shows. Better than average musicianship, quite energy-packed and good fem vox but still pretty bland. BLACKLACE anyone?
3. CHARGER - Rock
  Yes indeed the Desperadoes 7"-act. Unpolished Priest-fastness.
4. MOTHER'S RUIN - Mother's Ruin
  Not the aor'ish 7"s+LP act but a heavier and much more bona-fide NWOBHM-sounding bunch. Great vocals and nice galloppy Maiden-guitars you'll wanna hear more of.
5. HELLRAZER - Made Of Metal
  Type-A NWOBHM rocker that won't leave too deep a footprint in Metal history. Same as 7" version.
6. RANSOM - Nightmare
  A Heavy Metal Warmachine-crunching, heavy-as-hell little gem right here, the only minor downside being the rather plain uncatchy chorus. att: fans of Leather Nunn and US Enforcer!
  Unless we're talking about some serious Geddy Lee-worship here, that's another girl on vocals, fronting americanized but good melodic mainstream Metal like something you'd hear on NRR's Ladykillers comp.

Side B:
1. TORQUE SHOW - The Hour Of The Slowest Clock
  Parts early Mötley/LA-sleeze "metal", parts significantly dirtier UK hard rock/sleaze.
2. STATE OF MIND - The Dream
  The vocals sound like a really hoarse broad singing and everything is all sloppy and out-of-tune, so yeah, maybe a suburbian all-girl Rock Goddes/Girlschool-wannabe act? Just guessin'..
3. RICHTER - Leather 'n Lace
  Fast, play-by-numbers NWOBHM a la SAVAGE, CHATEAUX and all those other bands Ebony used to sign for full-lenght LPs only a few years earlier.
4. DARK HEART - Stone Cold Hearted
  Doesn't sound the least bit like the "Shadows Of The Night" LP guys, rather like your average melodic/commercial US Metal act minus the good musicianship that usually comes with it.
5. HOLOSADE - Cries In The Night
  This on the other hand does sound a bit like DARK HEART, but mostly because they adopted DH-vocalist Phil Brown. A bit more commercial-sounding than their later LP and also quite forgettable.
6. S.E.X. - Overlord Of Rampant Rock
  Odd mix of ROGUE MALE and DEEP SWITCH with some neat, wiggly guitar bits. Really good for being pretty bad.
7. ACCRYL - Victims In Chains
  Plain but solid rocking HM w/ wailing vocals, similar to labelmates GRIM REAPER. By the sound of it, this is most likely the Swedish band also featured on the obscure Union, Bronx, Accryl, Blizzard 7" comp.
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