Max's Kansas City 1977 LP 1977
Label: Ram Records #: 2213 Country: USA
Info: Volume 2 (though you might miss it on the cover) of compilations from the famous New York City club. The tracks by PHILIP RAMBOW and THE BRATS were included as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of Volume 1. Comes with two-sided inner sleeve with lyrics.

(bold = exclusive track / normal = non-exclusive track / italic = non-metal)

Side A:
1. Intro: Live At Max's
  Semi-random ambient club noise.
2. PHILIP RAMBOW - Night Out
  70s alternative rock like LOU REED or WARREN ZEVON.
3. LANCE - Runaround Girl
  KISS-like hard rock.
4. ANDREW PEARSON - Don't Look Back
  Southern rock.
5. JUST WATER - What We Need Is Some Rock
6. LANCE - Night Rider
  Solid hard rock like one of the heavier songs by KISS.

Side B:
1. LANCE - Phone Call
  If "Night Rider" was LANCE's "Strutter" then this would be their "Beth".
2. THE BRATS - First Rock Star On The Moon
  Fun glam rock (in the early 70s sense).
3. ANDREW PEARSON - Palace Of The King
  Subtitled "A Tribute To Freddie King", but to these non-blues-trained ears it sounds like ERIC CLAPTON.
4. GRAND SLAM - Stitch In Time
  Heavier "Dream On" style power ballad.
5. Outro: Live At Max's
  Brief clip from a live performance of "Night Out".
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